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 Aesthetics Sports Experience @ PL

Aesthetics Sports Experience @ PL focuses on students’ enjoyment of sports, this being fundamental for life-long engagement in physical activity, for a balanced, healthy lifestyle in adulthood.  Mastery of movement skills in in gymnastics and rope skipping - sports with common focus on fluidity of movement – develops motor ability as well as builds fitness attributes.  Importantly, the structured opportunities and platforms builds confidence for students to learn other sports beyond the aesthetics sports throughout one’s life, confidence to use one’s sports talent to help others in the community.

Aesthetics Sports Experience @ PL aims to:

1.     Develop skill competency in Gymnastics, Rope Skipping and Dance

2.     Encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle

3.     Build character for life

The outreach of the Learning for Life programme is as follows:

Developmental Programme

·         FUN-Gymnastics

·         FUN-Rope Skipping


Sports Excellence Programme

·         CCA – Rhythmic Gymnastics

·         CCA - Rope Skipping

·         Performances / competitions

Character Development

·         VIA Project Skip for Groceries

·         Rope Skipping Coaching Clinic by Children for Children

Healthy Lifestyle

·         Recess Free Play

·         First Aid Workshop

·         Health Week –Nutrition education

·         Health Outreach

-       Active Kids Programme

-       BIMA

-       Health & Nature Trail

-       Cooking for a Healthy Heart

-       CM programme