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Social Studies & National Education


The above framework shows the underlying principles underpinning our whole school approach to National Education (NE). At the heart of the torch-like framework (cf:“light and pillar”) is the PL-lite and surrounding her are the values the school wants her to imbibe and is likened to the fuel from which the fire draws life. Circling these are the approaches and aims of the NE Programme – E4: to engage the hearts and minds of all PL Lites, equip them with the knowledge, skills and heartware to face new challenges and uncertainties, empower them to be responsible citizens with integrity and compassion through shared experiences that build our sense of nationhood. The flames are the individual programmes that are very apparent visually and the light that the PL-lite emanates covers the 4 key desired outcomes of NE which spans the 4 domains of Self, Community, Nation, and the World i.e. besides having a shared sense of belonging and nationhood, they should also exhibit acts of love, respect, care and appreciation for themselves, their community, their nation and their world.

The outer ring of light rays list the range of co-curricular school-based activities and

national-level programmes that PL Lites engage in as part of NE. As encapsulated in our vision statement, PL seeks “to be a light and pillar to the community and nation”. In order to achieve this, NE is integrated into curricular and co-curricular programmes and activities, with the objectives of building leaders of fine character as well as social cohesion and civic responsibility among PL Lites.

We recognise that stakeholders and social partners play a pivotal role in supporting

our NE programmes and activities. In our framework, these stakeholders, namely: 1) the school - school leaders, administrative staff, teachers, 2) the parents 3) the students and 4) the community – organizations, businesses, and agencies, are represented by the torch handle that acts as the primary pillar that upholds everything else.

National Education

In line with MOE’s Desired Outcomes of Education, the school has placed National

Education as a key component of its values education to nurture active and concerned citizens. Engaging activities and learning journeys were carried out to touch the head, heart and hands of our pupils.

Main Activities of the year

  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day

Social Studies

ss vision.png

In Social Studies, we develop our pupils to become 21st century global citizens who understand interconnectedness in the world that they are living in. PL Lites are taught skills in making quality decisions while respecting various viewpoints.

We engage our pupils in the learning of Social Studies through experiential learning, the use of various media and sources and an inquiry approach.

Through such enriching experiences, our pupils will develop the qualities of an informed, concerned and participative citizen.

The Singapore Social Studies Curriculum


Our pupils will also be assessed using authentic forms of assessment which demonstrates their understanding of what they have learnt. Assessment includes journal writing, reflections, quizzes, performance-based tasks and project work.

Main Activities of the Year


Experiential Learning Journeys

Other Activities

Primary 1

Singapore Zoo

E3 Card

Shared Book Learning

Primary 2

Philatelic Museum

National Orchid Garden

E3 Card

Shared Book Learning

Primary 3

Singapore Botanic Gardens

E3 Card

Shared Book Learning

Project Work

Primary 4

Kampong Glam Heritage Tour

E3 Card

Project Work

Primary 5

Little India Heritage Tour

E3 Card

Project Work

Primary 6

Chinatown Heritage Tour

E3 Card

Our Students in Action