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The English Language Department is focused to provide an environment for our pupils to be developed as competent language user and lifelong learners.

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Reading Programmes Target Audience Remarks
Guided Reading Programme P1 & P2 Customising to Reading Ability
Shared Book Approach P1 & P2 Motivating Reading
Supplementary Readers P3 to P6 Promoting Reading
Little Red DotP3 to P5 Encouraging reading of periodicals
Readers' Digest P6 Increasing awareness of global and social issues

Oral Communication Programmes Target Audience Remarks
Project Work P3 to P5 Understand and find solutions to real life issues   
Show and Tell aka Bring and Brag P1 - P6 Providing opportunities for oral presentations

Writing  Programmes Target Audience
Selected local and international writing competitions  P1 to P6