Character and Citizenship Education


Our Vision

Women of fine character with a passion of life   


Our PL Outcomes

  • Confident Leader with a HEART to make a difference
  • Global Citizen with a HEART to serve faithfully
  • A Creative Problem-solver who with a HEART to learn continually

Our Programmes

·      PL Care

·      PL Spirit

·      PL Leaders  

PL Care


Level Programmes

These programmes equip PL Lites with social emotional as well as leadership competencies and instil school values in them. 

P1 & P2

  • Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
  • Project SG - Skip for Groceries


  • Service-Learning Workshop


  • P4 Buddy Programme
  • A Healthy Meal for the Elderly


  • P5 Outreach Programme
  • Growing Years Series


  • P6 Managing Change & Transition Programme Workshop
  • Growing Years Series



Targeted Programmes

These programmes identify different segments of pupils with needs and provide appropriate care and support for them. 


  • ‘Zippy’s Friends’ Programme
  • ‘Rainbows’ Programme


  • June Camp


Career Guidance Programmes

In ‘Step-in’, the school invites its parents, alumni, board members and other partners to share different careers and work experiences with the P4 pupils.

For ‘Step-out’, the P5 and P6 pupils go on mini work attachments and “Future Ready” programme respectively. The ‘Step-out’ programme provides platform for pupils to experience what it is like to work and strengthen the acquisition of right values for future work force. The ‘Step-out’ programme also integrates NE and Leadership with its section on Local & World Leaders in different fields.


Values In Action (VIA) Programmes



Other Service-Learning Projects

  • Hongbao Project
  • Donation Drives - TOUCH Community Services Hongbao Project Donation, Methodist Welfare Services Hongbao Donation Drive 2017, Methodist Walk Donation Drive 2017, ComChest Children’s Day Appeal 2017 etc.


PL Spirit


Under PL Spirit, platforms are created to instil in PL-Lites a sense of belonging, identity and ownership of the school. These platforms include class bonding activities such as P4 and P5 camps, class parties and Recognition Day, which is a celebration of success to acknowledge pupils’ achievements every twice a term. These activities bond PL-Lites in the PL family and keep the sense of belonging strong in their hearts.


PL Leaders

In PL leaders, the 3E (Equip, Engage, Excel) approach is used to develop the leadership potential of the pupils. All pupils are equipped with basic leadership skills throughout their six years of education at PL. PL also engages selected groups of pupils through programmes and platforms such as leadership camps, which are aimed at honing the leadership skills of the PL-Lites who display greater leadership potential. PL empowers pupils to come up with suggestions on improving the school via the TALK programme, which is a pupil suggestion scheme. Pupil leaders are empowered to plan and implement pupil initiated projects which stem from their suggestions as an extension of leadership development.

Leadership Programmes:      

  • P3-6 Class Monitors’ Training
  • Prefects’ Installation Service
  • P4 Prefects –Stand By Me Programme    
  • P4-P6 Prefects Camp
  • Pupil Leadership Training Course for all Pupil Leaders
  • P3-6 NE Ambassadors - National Education Core Events' Presenters training·      
  • P4-6 VIA Ambassadors Training  
  • ENV Monitors Training
  • ENV Ambassadors Training - for Earth Day, Bottle Garden by NParks, Terrarium by Youth for Environment 
  • P3-6 Pupil Librarian Training Workshop