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Vision, Mission & Values


To be an outstanding school of choice producing women of FINE character with a passion for life and learning

The new vision captures the high aspirations of the school to make a mark in the community, not only academically, but also in terms of character education. PLMGS would be an institution that produces women with characters finely honed and moulded. PL Lites would live, learn and love to the fullest, as God directs.


To nurture every PL-Lite into a whole person who lives in favour with God and man 

"Whole person "is chosen over "fullest potential" as it was agreed that PLMGS would educate girls in a holistic manner, i.e, in all five dimensions-cognitive, physical, moral, aesthetic and social (affective). While a child's potential and talent may be in one area, the school's mission is to ensure that the child's education is balanced and that none of the other aspects is neglected.


A PL-Lite is a woman after God's H.E.A.R.T.

Honour God
  • Lives a life that is pleasing to God in thoughts, words and deeds

Excellence Mindset
  • Strives for excellence in her attitude and work

  • Is innovative in an environment of change and tenacious in overcoming challenges

  • Respects self, others and is respected by others

  • Counts and shares her blessings