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School Rules


All pupils are to attend and participate in the flag-raising/ lowering ceremony. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. They are to assemble in an orderly manner and there should be no talking during assembly.


·       Pupils are to wear the prescribed uniform and be neat at all times.

·       Modification to the uniform is not allowed. 

·       Keep the school compound litter-free. Make use of litter bins.

·       Keep all classrooms and special rooms clean and tidy.

·       Always treat school property with care.

·       Switch off all lights and fans when not in use.


·       Take care of your friends at all times.

·       Always help those who are in need.

·       Always go to the wash room in twos.

·       Be considerate. Always move about in a quiet and orderly manner.




Pupils are to work and play safely at all times. They are to think through their actions and the possible consequences of their actions.


Pupils are expected to be punctual for school, all activities and functions in school.


•       Always greet the teacher and staff of the school when you see them

•       Say 'please', 'thank you', 'excuse me' or 'sorry'.


•       Go to the canteen/hall/study corners.

•       Consent from parents and teachers is needed if pupils intend to be in school beyond school hours.


•       Always queue for food/ drinks.

•       Consume your food only in the canteen.

•       Return all empty crockery and used cutlery into the proper receptacles.


•       Pupils are not to leave the school compound unless permission has been granted by teacher.

•       Pupils who are not feeling well are to inform teacher. Arrangement will be made to bring the pupils to the sick bay to wait for their parent/guardian to fetch them home.

Attire and Appearance

Pupils are to wear the prescribed uniform and be neat at all times.

The full uniform should be worn when pupil comes to the school, represents the school for activities and during examination period. Modification to the uniform is not allowed. 


• Preferably short, neat and tidy. Hair must be tied in a single or two pony tails if it goes beyond the shoulder.

• Fringe should be above the eye-brows. Always secure long fringe with a flat hairclip or hair band.

• No perming or highlighting of hair.

• Hair accessories should be black or navy blue.


• Navy blue with school badge neatly sewn on the left.

• Embroidered name tag to be sewn above school badge.


• With short sleeves and pointed collars.

• Sleeves should not be rolled up.


• Plain white cloth belt 2.5cm wide with sewn-on buckle.


• Yellow school T-shirt with embroidered name tag sewn above school badge.


• Navy blue school shorts/skorts


• School socks or plain white ankle-length socks.


• White school shoes with lace or velcro strips. (Pupils with podiatry problems should also wear custom-made white shoes)


• Clean and short; no nail polish/gloss


• Watches should be of a plain design


• One stud on each ear.

• Studs of the same simple design to be worn on each ear.

• No other jewellery (necklace, ring, and bracelet) is to be worn.


Pupils are strongly discouraged from bringing handphones to school. However, should pupils need to bring them to school, they will need to abide by the following rules:

• Pupils are to switch off their handphones when they are in school.

• Pupils can make phone calls via the handphone in the school canteen and the guard house only after school.

• Pupils must not play games, use the photo-taking or video functions on their handphones at all times while in school.

• Pupils found using handphones within school compound for purposes other than to make calls out, will have their handphones confiscated.

• Pupils are to be responsible for their own handphones. The school will not be liable for the loss of the handphone. Staff will also not assist pupils in the search for lost handphones.

• Parents should not call their children on the handphone but leave text messages instead. In cases of emergency, it is best to call the General Office.


Items not needed for lessons and could be a form of distraction should not be brought to school. Teachers will not be liable for the loss and will confiscate these items if pupils are found in possession of these items.

Dress Code

Examination Rules

Pupils are

 1.     to be present for all examinations. Any absence from examinations must be covered by a medicate                certificate.

2.     to be in full uniform for the written examinations.

3.     to visit the toilet before the examination begins and during recess.

4.     to leave their bags, books, files and water-bottles outside the examination room.

5.     to bring only stationery eg. pens, pencils, coloured pencils, erasers and rulers into the examination                rooms. Primary 4-6 pupils are allowed to have their mathematical instruments with them. Pieces of                paper are not to be brought in.

6.     to be polite to the invigilator at all times.

7.     to check the examination scripts for missing questions and pages with the invigilator at the start of the         examination.

8.     to concentrate and look at their own examination scripts only. They should not talk or communicate in         any way with other pupils during the examination.

9.     to raise their hands when in doubt or need help from the invigilator.

10.  to read all instructions carefully at the start of the examination.

11.  to go through their answers and check thoroughly.

12.  to make sure that all questions have been attempted.

13.  to be quiet throughout the examination and not distract others.

14.  to remain seated while waiting for all examination scripts to be collected by the invigilator at the end of         the examination.

15.  to drink only when permission is given by the invigilator.

Student Offences

All pupils are to adhere to the school rules. Pupils who do not adhere to school rules and commit any offence listed in the table below will face consequences imposed by the school. These consequences range from detention class or community work involvement to suspension from school.



Theft/Damage of Property

Other Serious Offences

• Late coming

• Leaving school grounds without permission

• Skipping lessons

• Truancy

• Other related offences

• Persistently not doing assignments

• Abuse of IT

• Bullying

• Cheating in tests and exams

• Disruptive Behaviour

• Forgery

• Open defiance and rudeness

• Improper Attire and Grooming

• Littering

• Using vulgar languages

• Other Misconduct

• Theft

• Shoplifting

• Vandalism

• Other related offences

·  Assault

·  Fighting

·  Gambling

·  Gangsterism

·  Possession of Weapons/weapon-like items*

·  Smoking

·  Substance Abuse

·  Other related offences

 *All students are not allowed to have in their procession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.