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International Dance

The International Dance is a platform for PL-Lites to develop their love for dancing. They learn to master different dance techniques as well as styles and the different genres of music suited for them.  This CCA encourages its members to work together as a team to perform the choreographed dance steps. This builds self-confidence and cultivates the values of respect, resilience and responsibilities.  All members will be given the opportunity to perform in the various performances in or outside school.  Dancers with strong abilities and who display the school values will be identified to represent the school in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.


CCA Achievements


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation – Certificate of Distinction
  • Paya Lebar CC Chinese New Year Performance


  • Best Theme aware achieved for Youths Celebrate! Sustainability at Gardens by the Bay
  • Best Audience prize achieved for SYF Youth Got Talent! Contest
  • PL Chinese New Year's Performance
  • PL Racial Harmony Day's Performance
  • Singapore Youth Festival Youth HeARTS! Showcase at United Square
  • Participated in Singapore Youth Festival Youth Got Talent! Mentoring Programme


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Certificate of Accomplishment