Angklung Ensemble

The Angklung Ensemble is a unique as the group creates a harmony of sounds through different notes. The CCA aims to develop character, music appreciation among the members and have pupils enjoy the process of playing through immense collaboration, coordination and teamwork.

The Angklung Ensemble comprises three different sections: the Angklung melody and harmony lines as well as the percussion lines.

The Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument made out of bamboos. The Angklung members learn basic music theory skills as well as the reading of scores in the number notation.  They have also gained ample practical skillset needed to be competent at playing the Angklung.

The percussion line, such as the chimes, maracas, bongos and congas and more often complement the Angklung melody and harmony to produce a unison piece of music. Our percussionists are made up of a team of enthusiastic pupils whose talent and creativity is showcased through a variety of chords.

At the same time, the pupils are exposed to an overview of Indonesian culture and the basic rudiments of traditional music. Our repertoire often includes the traditional folksongs, local songs and popular songs. We perform annually in school and external events as well as the biennial Singapore Youth Festival.

CCA Achievements


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Certificate of Distinction
  • Chime and Bam 2018


  • International Math and Science Olympiad (IMSO) Opening Ceremony 2017
  • Chime and Bam 2017


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Certificate of Distinction
  • Singapore Thailand Enhanced Partnership (STEP) 2016 Closing Ceremony
  • Chime and Bam 2016