Track and Field

Track & Field is a sport that combines a variety of locomotor skills. It involves training of core muscles that enable the girls to run, jump and throw. Track & Field consists of running events which include 100m, 200m, 300m, 600m, hurdles and the 4 x 100m relay. The field events include long jump, high jump, hurdles and shot put.

The Track & Field (T&F) desires to develop students in their athletic abilities and strives to help each student scale greater heights in their potential. This is done through rigorous training sessions up to three times a week of aerobic and anaerobic training during peak season. Pupils gain strength, speed, power and endurance during training and they develop perseverance and team work.  Students have to overcome their fear when they go for competitions which test their mental and physical abilities. They learn to show care and encouragement to one another during tough training periods.

Athletes with strong abilities and who display the school values will be identified to represent the school in the annual National Inter-School Track & Field Championships.

CCA Achievements 


Track & Field National Championship

    • B Division – 3rd  position
    • C Division – 4th  position
    • D Division – 9th  position



Track & Field National Championship

    • B Division – 7th  position
    • C Division – 5th  position
    • D Division – 4th position


Track & Field National Championship

    • B Division – 16th  position
    • C Division – 3rd position
    • D Division – 18th position