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Science-Environment Club

Our mission is to nurture every PL-lite to care, lead and influence the community to build a greener future. The Science-Environment Club hopes to equip the members with knowledge and skills on environmental conservation.

With these knowledge and skills, they would have the ability to identify and implement values-based environmental programmes within the school and community.

In order for the members to understand their roles and responsibilities as the environmental representatives for their school and community, we carry out the following activities:

  • Youth for the Environment Day (YED) - Members organise a fair to create awareness on environmental issues.
  • Earth Day – Members create awareness among the school population on the need to conserve our resources.
  • School Wide Recycling Programmes - Members motivate the school population to do their part to practise the 3Rs.
  • Community in Bloom - Members grow and harvest vegetables and fruits and learn the importance of growing plants.      
  • Outreach activities – The Community Outreach Program gives students the opportunity to get involved with the community to create awareness on environmental conservation.

The members of the CCA work together as a team, to organise and lead during these activities. Through these partnerships, we hope to achieve our vision which is for every PL-lite to have a heart for the environment.

Achievements for 2017
    • Top 3 collection schools in the Tetra Pak School Recycling Program 2017 
    • We have achieved SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) 2017 - Lotus Sustained Achievement Award
    • The Excellence Award-South East Green Awards 2017