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Girls' Brigade (4th Primary Company)

In the Girls’ Brigade, our mission is to develop each girl and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling her. Our core beliefs are Every Girl a leader; Every Officer a Servant Leader.

Every pupil who joins GB will go through the GB STAR Programme. When the pupils complete the six (GB.J.S.T.A.R.) badges each year, show that they have Brigade and Drill Knowledge and are present 90% or more of the time during CCA, they would be presented with The STAR Award.

Our programme seeks to provide leadership development opportunities for all girls. We desire to develop each PL-Lite so that she can reach her fullest potential.  National trainings and programmes such as the annual Junior Leadership Training Camp (JLTC), Fast Food & Fuzz (FFF) Camp, & Dr Low Guat Tin (LGT) Challenge all seek to challenge our PL-Lites to grow and become women of fine character. We believe passionately in equipping our GB girls with skills to reach out, serve and make a difference in the community. 

Grasp the vision, live the mission!

GB Theme for 2018: To go and grow beyond - extend, serve, lead

CCA Achievements


National Drill Competition 2018

In March 2018, the 4th Primary Company sent a contingent of 15 girls who took part in the National Drill Competition. They were awarded the Gold Award for their excellence in drill standards and creative drill movement.


Andrea Lee Yi Ling (6CH)

Kok Pei En Sharlyn (6HU)

Neo Wen Xi (6JO)

Shyanne Grace Yeo Hui Ming (6HU)

Ashley Ong Qi Hui (6KI)

Praksheeta Kuppusamy (6HU)

Steffi Yeo Ya Hwee (6HU)

Tan Yi Xin Geri (6HU)

Isabelle Loh Xuan Ning (6GE)

Ianlyn Tan En Ting (5KI)

Arinn Heng Tee Yaan (5JO)

Esther Lai En Xin (5LO)

Pan En-hui Allyson Joy (5LO)

Heng Kye Shyen Karis (5LO)

Lee Xin Rong Shermin (5LO)


1. National Award 2017

We are thankful to be awarded the Gold Award for the 10th consecutive year running in 2017. To God Be the Glory!

2. National Low Guat Tin Challenge 2017

In March 2017, together with PL Secondary GB seniors,  the 4th Primary Company sent 5 teams of 10 girls to participate in the LGT challenge, which involves high levels creative problem solving skills and team work. We are pleased to clique 4 Gold & 1 Silver Award!

3. Junior Leadership Training Camps 2017 and 2018

The 4th Primary Company has sent girls for this Junior Leadership Training Camp these past two years. In the JLTC, girls would learn skills on how to lead and manage a squad, how to lead games and songs, as well as be trained in drill routines by drill instructors. We are proud to have promoted a total 34 girls as Junior Leaders from 2017-2018. 

4. GB Learning Journeys 2017


As part of their annual badge work, the girls would embark on Learning Journeys to learn more about their world and their place in them. In 2017, they visited Dialogue In The Dark, the Former Ford Factory, ‘Genuis R Us’ Baking Workshop, and did Rock Climbing at Singapore Youth for Christ Centre.

5. National WoW (Walking On Water) Camp 2017

10 girls attended the WoW National Camp in June 2017. The girls learnt what it meant to lead others, serve one another and extend themselves towards the community, as well as build friendship with other girls from other schools.  It was truly a wow experience for the girls! 

6. The Girls’ Brigade Friendship Day 2017

Annually, the GBFD Community Carnival is held in July, to serve the Lonely, Elderly, Needy, Special   Needs (LENS) clients, from all communities. 54 GB girls set up games and food stalls to serve the needs of the clients, as well as played host befrienders to the LENS. It was indeed a memorable day for the girls! 

7. National Fast Food and Fuzz Camp 2017

10 girls attended to the FFF camp in August 2017. The girls learnt more about poverty in nations and went through experiential learning to explore their place in this world and what they can do to help and serve others in need. Most importantly, they learnt to be grateful for what they have. 

8. 4th Primary Company – Service Learning Day 2017


The girls were empowered to step up and choose a community of their choice to serve as part of their post SA2 project. In groups, girls designed their service ideas with their teacher and carried it out in November. Together, the 4th Primary Company girls served over 200 clients from Touch Senior Activity Centre, AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre and North-East CDC Lower-Incomed Families. 

9. Be Empowered –Company Annual Camp 2017

The 4th Primary Company ran their own camp at the Girls’ Brigade Headquarters in November 2017. With Philippians 4:13 as its theme for the camp, the girls, officers and teachers had an enjoyable time leading and playing team building games, going through interesting structured experiences, and even learning to sew a bookmark!


    • Company GOLD Award
    • Sustained GOLD Award
    • Drill Competition - GOLD Award

Activities for the Year:

    • Junior Leadership Training Camp
    • Low Guat Tin Challenge
    • PL Primary & Secondary Combined Enrolment
    • Fast Food & Fuzz Camp
    • GB Friendship Day
    • Hello Kitty Bento Making Worksho[
    • Learning Journey to Pasta Mania (For Primary 3 Girls)
    • Kids’ Baking Friend – Genius R Us’s Fun Baking Workshop (For Primary 4 Girls)
    • Gogreen Segway@Eco Adventure (For Primary 5 Girls)
    • GB 4th P Annual Company Camp