The Art Club offers pupils with keen interest in the visual arts to come together to learn a variety of art techniques and skills. Pupils are given the opportunities to create artworks using different mediums. Pupils are also encouraged to express their thoughts and creativity through the various art forms (e.g. pencil shading, water colour painting, acrylic painting, pottery & digital art).

There are opportunities for pupils to learn through experiential learning such as going on learning journeys, attending masterclasses as well as develop leadership skills as they take turns to plan, prepare and conduct bonding activities. The Art Club also stresses on the school values (H.E.A.R.T.) during the CCA.


CCA Achievements


  • Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Art Exhibition

    • Category A: Certificate of Participation – “Capturing Our Memories and Dreams through Time and Space”
    • Category B: Certificate of Participation – "Me, Myself and Space"
    • Category C: Certificate of Recognition – "Re-imagining Traditional Space"

  • Artist Talk @SYF 2017
  • Passion Arts Festival 2017 'Plank Art Project'
  • 'Draw A Stamp' Art Competition 2017
  • Young Illustrator Awards (YIA) Art Jam 2017


Singapore Youth Festival 2015 Art Exhibition

    • Category A: Certificate of Recognition – “Our Tree, Our Stories”
    • Category B: Certificate of Participation – “Glimpses into Vanda”
    • Category C: Certificate of Participation – “Connecting Us”

Artist Talk @ SYF 2015

Singapore Teachers’ Art Exhibition

START Exhibition @ Siglap Secondary School